Monday, December 1, 2008

Pusher strikes again

Okay, I've been accused on more than one occasion of being ... how shall one put it? ... just the slightest bit evangelical about various things non-religious? So here I go again.

The movie Persepolis? Watch it. OMG, watch it. (Yeah, I said OMG. You wanna make somethin' of it?)

In other news, we now have a tiled shower surround, thanks to Thanksgiving weekend. And we actually got Thanksgiving fare and a healthy dose of family, thanks to Aunt Temp and relations. (Many thanks, in keeping with the season, to Newt for the lovely invitation and hospitality and delicious, delicious leftovers. The experimental stuffing was grand.)

I finished NaNoWriMo at about 9:59 p.m. yesterday (hooray for November ending on a long weekend!), and truth be told I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll go through it again next year. I've said over and again that I'm not a writer, and that continues to be true. I don't have that story in me that needs telling. Every year I just make up a bunch of crap and keep going until either I hit 50k or November comes to an end. It's fun, but.... Oh hell. I'll probably just as gung-ho next November, who am I trying to kid?

The job is eating my brain. I used to be really good about leaving work at work, but I'm so pleased with the new job that I find it creeping into my dreams. Possibly because we had a huge side project all of last month, so there has been zero down-time. And this week I'm on my own 3 of 5 days doing a job that really requires two people. I have been assured that it will calm down next week. I look forward to that.

That's about it for my life of late. I do miss Teh Internets. *sigh*