Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy bissextile day!

And not only leap day, but on a Friday — and a payday Friday at that. I don't know the math, but I'm pretty sure this will be the only time in my entire life that I get three paychecks in February.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The rules of blogging

I keep having to remind myself that I don't actually have to have anything interesting to say before I post to the blog. So here you go.

I love spa day. Though I must say, going from spa day to Halo was trippy. I hit this point where adrenaline was trying to get me good and twitchy, but the lingering lassitude of massages and mimosas and cucumbers-on-my-eyelids just wasn't letting it through, and it was a lot like being drugged, which I found deeply funny in that way that drugged/drunk people often do. Suzuri seemed to recover better than I did, and killed me quite handily on several occasions.

Sunday we were supposed to go help Superman & Sunshine with a bathroom project, but that got cancelled. So instead we tackled one of our dead bodies: we pulled down the drop ceiling in the hallway and scraped off the popcorn texture on the drywall behind it. We still need to do some patching and painting, so that'll probably happen this upcoming weekend. I'm trying to decide whether or not the hallway should be a color. Right now our main floor is pretty evenly divided: the living room, kitchen, and addition are shades of white/neutral, while our bathroom, bedroom and office are fairly bold colors (light and plum purple, gray/burgundy, and sage green respectively. Who says there should be a color flow between rooms? Hah!). So does the hall stay in the white camp or join the colorful group of the rooms that branch off of it? We also realized that once we paint the hall, with the exception of the insides of closets, we will have painted every wall in our house.

Did you all see that Stephen Fry is now starting to do podcasts? His first one is about how he severely broke his arm while deep in the jungles of Brazil (and manages to be embarrassed about it).

Friday, February 8, 2008

I suck

So I pretty much oppose the rebate check thing. The economy's in the toilet? Oooh, throw me more bread and I won't care! Boo.

And yet...


I read the article and one of the first things that popped through my mind was, "May? The plant sale is in May!"

Hell. Pass the loaf; the lions are coming up next.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Senator Quimb- ah, Coleman

So I took the Select a Candidate survey on the MPR site for the MN Senate seat currently occupied by Coleman. I wasn't particularly surprised by my results. At least, not until I hit the bottom of the page. Nelson-Pallmeyer, 29; Cerisi, 25; Franken, 22; Cohen (who?), 18; Coleman, 0. Zero? ZERO? I knew I didn't agree with Coleman on much, but...seriously? Heh.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why oh why did we have to get an IT client?

"Reoperationalization"? Are you serious with that? *sigh*

Monday, February 4, 2008


Dear Blogger,

Stop sucking! I have cleared my history, emptied my cache, reset my browser, and yet you INSIST on loading up old pages unless I go up into the URL and type a question mark after it. This is a hassle. Knock it off.


Cheese Pusher