Monday, July 28, 2008


Belated: The nice way of saying, "Yeah, I'm a fuckup who can't even remember her friends' birthdays."


Question & answer

Q: What's better than the first garden-grown tomato of the season?

A: The first garden-grown tomato of the season a BLT the lake.

Got a last-minute invitation from the folks to join them up north this weekend, so despite all the looming house/yardwork, we jumped at it. Weather was perfect. Dad rented the pontoon so we spent half a day just cruising the lakes. Found wild blueberries in the woods YUM. So, yeah. Life is good.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where are you getting your information?

From a piece I just proofed about stuff to do in China other than the Olympics:

"When viewing the Great Wall it is hard to believe that it was constructed in only 10 years."



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden envy

A couple GardenRant bloggers are gearing up for the Buffalo Garden Walk, and I followed a link to images from last year's event. There are some really awesome gardens in there, but I have fallen completely in love with this one.

I mean, yes, clearly this was photographed on an overcast day with everything freshly wet, which is definitely how to show this sort of thing to best advantage, so it probably doesn't look quite this awesome every day, but still.

Anyway, just thought I'd share in hopes that you all might enjoy it as much as I did!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Valleyfair Day

It's time again: Saturday, September 20, is the company's annual Valleyfair day, and this year I'm not going anywhere near the Tilt-a-Whirl.

If anyone would like reduced admission to Valleyfair for that day, come with me! Tickets are $16 for adults, $15 for kids, children 2 and younger are free. The water park will not be open.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Damn it, I'm completely hopeless

Happy birthday to NoNick!

Happy birthday to The Sexy Blonde either today or two days from now!

GAW and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad waitress

Much fun was had at GAW. Good friends, good weather, kind and generous hosts, ridiculously good weather, fireworks, yummy food, waterskiing, ski-bobbing, floating around the lake, handmade jewelry, Pamida and Giant Twine Balls. But the part AKJ says I have to write about is the waitress.

Those of you who were at last year's GAW will remember Cafe Persepolis, the surprisingly marvellous Greek/Italian/Persian restaurant in Willmar. (And the adorable owner, whom we wanted to put in our pocket and take home.) AKJ had the inspired idea to return this year, and the food was just as good and the owner just as adorable as we remembered. (Though I'm afraid we freaked the owner out by being inappropriately happy to see him.) But our waitress ... oh, the waitress. The tiny, cute, very teenage waitress whose desperate need of a class in tact kept us well entertained all evening.

After seeming entirely at a loss by our entrance, she suggested a table for us in the mostly empty restaurant, then made us wait until it was cleaned off. No big deal, but our first glimpse at a sort of vacancy we were to become better acquainted with. The rest of the meal went like this:

[I ordered a beer and got carded.]
Me: "Hey, I got carded!"
Clueless Waitress: "I had this friend who was, like, 16? And she looked, like, in her THIRTIES or something. I card everyone. If you don't it's, like, a $700 fine."

Dear Clueless Waitress: Old people will exclaim over being carded. The correct response is to smile or just ignore it. It's like "How are you?"/"Fine" or a comment about the weather. It's a meaningless verbal space-filler. You don't respond by talking about your friend who looked so ancient she could have passed for my age.

[Taking orders: I order the moussaka, AKJ orders the gyros dinner, Suzuri is wavering between the two.]
Suzuri: "Which would you recommend, the moussaka or the gyros dinner?"
CW: [immediately] "Gyro dinner. Don't get the moussaka. It's all fatty [glances over at me] and stuff. It's kinda gross. I don't like it."

Dear CW: This should really go without saying, but don't describe the meal at your restaurant as fatty and gross, especially when talking to someone who has just ordered it.

[After ordering, I scooted off to the restroom. AKJ and Suzuri were discussing whether CW was going to remember that Suzuri had ordered a glass of wine.]
CW: "Your friend just went to the restroom, didn't she?
AKJ: "Yeah."
CW: [stands there aimlessly for a minute] "Um, was there anything else you needed?"
AKJ: "The wine Suzuri ordered?"
[CW goes to get the wine, AKJ and Suzuri wonder why she was asking about my whereabouts, surmise that it's because they're out of the moussaka, lay odds on whether I'll just leave if that's the case...CW returns with Suzuri's wine.]
Suzuri: "So what did you need Pusher for?"
CW: "Oh. I didn't. I needed the bathroom."

[Partway through meal, as we've decimated the pita that was served with appetizers and now need more for AKJ & Suzuri's gyros...]
Suzuri: "We're going to need more pita."

What was funny about that one was the tone she said it in. Sort of a "You totally do after how grotesquely fast you crammed down that first basket."

So, yeah. A little lacking in the social graces, but very amusing for us. :-)