Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacation! (Now with pictures)

The China trip was awesome, but I find I'm having a hard time coming up with anything coherent to say about it. Maybe I'll try a list.

Awesome Stuff:
1. Diplowhat and Wog! So great to see them both; I wish Diplowhat hadn't had to work so much of the time, but what time we did have together was lovely. They were amazing hosts and tour guides and took very good care of us.
2. The food. Everything from the higher-end restaurants all the way down to the bowls of beef noodles and jian bing street food (totally craving this right now). And any country where spicy noodles are standard breakfast fare is good in my book.
3. Scenery. The mountains at The Great Wall, the rivers and karst hills in Yangshuo, the fields and oxen and towering bamboo. So much gorgeousness to look at.
4. Guardian Lions and dragon turtles and all the other impressive, iconic imagery that goes with China's ancient sites.
5. Ridiculously affordable, awesome Chinese massage. The exchange rate in general.
6. Being on vacation.

Less Awesome Stuff:
1. The air.
2. The crowds/scary traffic.

I guess that'll do as a nutshell version. I'm sure Puck and I will both bore all of you to tears over the next few months with random "Oh! And in China..." stories though. Meanwhile, here are some pictures.